"Many ancient myths tell of extraordinary returns, most famously the Odyssey, which tells of the return of Ulysses to Ithaca. These myths almost always contain stories of sea. Perhaps that is why sea voyage is often an emblem of return, of the desire to return and the nostalgia for a place of origin… a place that can be symbolic, as well as existential."

This in an excerpt from the 7MilaMigliaLontano's website, as an introduction for the nautical team. 7MML (literally "7 Thousand Miles Away) is a charity project that involved photographers, filmakers, writers and professional in the building of a school for the the arts for children, in India.

For this 7MML, now at his 3rd edition, called "Return to Center", 7 different teams left from 7 different places on earth for this journey to travel and reach on 07.17.17 the city of Mysore in India, each team travelling with a different transportation: car, feet, motorcycle, public transportations, ape-car, bicycle and by boat.

I took part of this 7MML travelling with the nautical team for a month through Indonesia, from the big cities like Makassar and Jakarta to the small coastal towns of boat builders, like Pantai Bira, or the sleepy Labuan Bajo, going through some incredible Islands like Gili Laba or Lombok, and witnessing the burial rituals of Tana Toraja.